Saturday, 28 June 2008

Patience, truth, journey

I remember driving through this thick morning fog just a few months ago in Richmond Park. All the cars toddled politely in twenty mile per hour long rows. Hence my taking out my camera and snapping this earthbound cloud. After a while I thought that the camera flash (ignited in those daylight hours) might distract the other drivers. There were also no stags to photograph (this park is famous for stags). So I sat back in my seat and tried to enjoy the pace and hoped that I would not be late, which I don't like to be, at all.

The whole picture reminds me of certain moments in life that some of us have come across or may come across.

The car is you on your journey with your own true thoughts. A realisation occurs, both empowering and fresh. But, out of the corner of your eye you notice other cars driving past you. These are other people's thoughts or more precisely, the fear of others' thoughts.

The fog doesn't help, this stands for confusion and angst in the face of this new thought. I think every great scientist and every soul with an ounce of courage must have lived that journey at some point. "I know my thoughts are right, but what will others think of me?"

Truth is a beautiful thing. One thing we need to remember is that not all truth comes easily. But it is always, always worth it.




Deirdre said...

Great contemplative photo. It's just fantastic.

ginkgo said...

i like these thoughts very much! sorry but i don't speak so well english ....truth is a hard thing but it is a solid fondation for building life.
It was nice to you to write in my blog so I am pleased to read your's too.
I read a lot but my interests are various...
I am travelling by train when going to work and I feel just like you in the travel by car your are mentionned in this post.By travelling thoughts are going there one ways and it is sometimnes very creative.( I hope you can understand me.....).
best wishes

Clarity said...

Thank you both. Ginkgo, your thoughts are perfectly clear as is your English, thanks for sharing them.

Stephanie said...

Those are beautiful thoughts. It is so important to sometimes sit back and realize that it shouldn't be all that important what other people think, as long as we believe in ourselves.