Monday, 16 November 2009

Awards and The Coliseum


Going underground is what our work prep. feels like; contact with the world at large being via my phone, with its tiny screen only allowing me to view blogs while squinting and shaking it at the same time. I often tried to comment but for some reason my on screen keyboard seems to have been made by Lilliputians with a sense of humour. Clicking anything makes the page expand and contract, double clicking makes me type in Danish, do I speak Danish? My phone seems to think so.

So alas, I am back in the realm of the living on a mild November day and gearing up to read what I’ve been missing. As for those who messaged, love you. This post is in two parts; the first, passing on awards because they are “about timely” and the second a youtube sight that can only be called … well, you’ll see.

I have tried not to repeat awards for those that already have them; I know the "rules" involve one word answers to questions, etc, but I was never very good with rules or monosyllabic answers. I choose to pass them on in appreciation and love, unconditionally.

The "Deborah" for Laurel, Pamela, Jennifer, Renee, French Fancy, Vanessa and Purple Flowers.

The "Kreative Blogger" for Lori, Diane, Heavenly Housewife, Phoenix, Victoria, Debra, Corinna, Dzintra, Jacqueline and Des.

Above you will find a feast to suit any mood, be it intellectual, emotional, decorative, culinary, cultural or simply those that bring a spark as they share. Thank you for being who you are so openly.



In complete contrast, the following youtube video may surprise. It’s one of the first things I saw on going back online to a reasonably sized screen. I want to write about it objectively, if that is possible. I can attest to never seeing anything like it.

The centre of attention is footballer, Elizabeth Lambert of the New Mexico University team. The sight of this girl kicking, punching, pulling hair, tripping up opponents and tripping them up again has flamed through youtube with a vigour worthy of the cheesy wedding dance couple.

This is the most surprising, feisty and ferocious bit of (sports) violence that people have witnessed for some time. One of the kindest people I know viewed this and burst out laughing. While offensive, the complete incredulity of the clip brings forth a shock that is sated by laughter. It is hard to believe that it is real. It’s too cartoon-like, too "Street Fighter", too.. masculine?

As of now, the youtube view count is hurtling past one million. The comments alone reveal a snapshot of the world at large,

"She was provoked", "What a bully!", "Go girl", "Thug life!" (apparently a positive).

Besides the obvious calls for a referee (where was she/he?), the majority of Elizabeth’s defenders appear to be male and her opponents, female. In an age where equality is King, when a woman produces a performance mirroring Vinnie Jones’ - former model for football hooligans in my country, it is electrifyingly vulgar.

Perhaps it takes an act of sports barbarism or rough play according to which side you are on, to wake people up. Violence of this kind is rarely made real to the majority of genteel viewers. One expects it to be the start of gang fights (when they can’t find their blades) or the result of a crass late night gone wrong. One does not expect "Thug life!" to come in a blonde, middle class and female package.

Elizabeth Lambert is the bitter pill and antidote to an unshockable zeitgeist. Perhaps the transplanted coliseum show playing across our screens is just what we need in order to ask how far violence is going. She could be your daughter or sister, that is the piercing reality when the laughter dies down.

So could her toppled opponents. Within forty seconds of footage, the college girls have been catapulted to infamous worldwide attention. The last thing they expected to learn besides their major and minor was how to take a thorough kicking, in public too. It is neither their fault nor their infamy but the memory is sure to remain more acute now. The fact that a mea culpa has been issued is of little use to them as is her indefinite suspension.

As for Thug Life Lizzie, we have not heard the end of her after that apology. Rather than vilify her, it would be wise to ask where this anger comes from, is it a symptom of our times? I can’t help but believe that condemning something makes us stop debating, stop figuring out what lies beneath and what we can do to change it. Condemning it also makes the taboo grow acceptable and more palatable, because in our world, taboo attracts attention.

We have not seen the last of that kind of performance either. Expect youtube parodies to come pouring in with carrion crow efficiency. One can only hope that the "Why?" can be answered before the world numbs itself with laughter.



Heavenly Housewife said...

Hey there! I have been wondering why you were so quiet!!! Glad to see you are back. Thank you so much for the award, its wonderful to get one from someone who is such a fab blogger. It's an hounour *kisses* HH

p.s. As for violence, i know this may be an odd comment, but i find it terribly boring. I go to action movies with my husband and always end up falling asleep during the "good parts"
When faced with violence in real life, I find it absolutely horrific though.

Jacqueline said...

First of all, a thousand thank you's for my award. I am truly honoured to receive it from you. It will be on my side bar and will be treasured.
I saw the 'lovely' Lizzie on the news. What a lovely, sweet girl she is!!!! I think, to be so violent, there are other issues going on. She has obviously got self esteem, authority, anger issues going on. Oh, and Vinnie Jones, don't get me started ... XXXX

Jennifer said...

Well hello there! Thank you for the award...that gave me a big smile!

As for the son was kicked rather violently this weekend and it gave us all a start. He's fine, but I felt he was hurt both physically and could literally feel it. I was hurt too. I'm all grown up, but it still took me by surprise and we sent the little kicker right home after a good talking to about how we treat friends in our house...but how do they treat friends at their house?...I say that to say that violence isn't funny at all...for one person to act out and dehumanize another is just not cool. I think given the outer package of the perpetrator, some of the reaction comes from it being seemingly unlikely, but it doesn't make it less real or less soul harming for all of us.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I just pity the poor soul who has to live next door to her when she gets to be an old woman! Scheesh.

And thanks a bunch for the sweet award!! Edward and I are all grins!

Renee said...

Thanks dear Clarity for the award, love it.

I think that is horrible of that girl playing so dirty. The harm she could seriously cause. Total disregard for others.

Love Renee xoxo

Phoenix said...

Glad to have you back, BFF-I've-Never-Met! Your kind comment on my blog from a few days ago means even more now that I know what you were going through to leave it! How very sweet of you :)

Thanks so much for the award - I'll be sure to pass it along and properly thank you for it when I get a sec to do so.

As for your commentary about the soccer girl, you are so incredibly right on. What is an incredibly serious issue about a girl who clearly needs help and some anger management counseling has turned into a source of parody and amusement for the rest of us - how and when did we become so detached from what's happening in our own world? Your thoughts on the subject were incredibly timely and very thoughtful - and blogs such as yours are much appreciated in this day and age of "Hey, did you see that cool new video of someone else doing violence?"

Yeesh. I'm glad you posted your thoughts sanely and respectfully. I applaud you.

Laurel said...

Oh my Darling -Thanks so much for the wonderful award. I am so grateful I have you in my life. I miss you and wish you had an anonymous email so I could stay in touch with my anonymous you. :)
For the Vid-
This was sickening to watch. I am so dull brained I thought it was a different awful girl each clip- when I realized it was one horrific girl I was shocked. Shocked and held my hand up to my mouth , with a HUGE gasp. What the Hell has happened to this girl and all these girls to make them so angry. Scary. Girl on Girl violence is very popular these days. It is sad and sick statement on our world and what we value.
Wow- thats entertainment?

Again I thank you for the award. My laptop is still broken so posting is spotty- and visiting my friends even spottier. I am glad I found you :)
Love You So so much.

Clarity said...

HH, I know what you mean. The odd thing is when the fake violence and real is blurred in people's minds.
Jacquie, spot on, on both counts.

Jennifer, I'm sorry about your son, that is an auful thing for anyone, especially a child to face. I hope he recovers soon and gets his self esteem back.

Pamela, welcome, x.

Renee, glad you like it. As for Lambert, let's hope she learns otherwise.

Thank you Phoenix (oh bff....), that is a marvelous compliment, x.

Laurel, thank you, X. As for the "entertainment" aspect, I'm glad there are sane people like you out there to counter it.

Purple Flowers said...

I graciously accept this award - thank you.

As far as "Lizzie" is concerned, what kind of upbringing did she have that has fostered such anger and agressiveness? I pity her for I don't think she knows peace and respect.

Jeanne said...

Much love and many blessings
Thanks for your visits and kind words
Love you

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Why Thank You so much Clarity, what a surprise to come visiting and see my Award!!!
Wow that was pretty violent watching You day somebody is going to really get hurt...nothing funny about that!!!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

How sad. It reminds me of some of the stories in the Bunty girls' comic from decades ago. And also the cheerleaders who were opposed to Claire Bennett, (is that the correct spelling?), in Heroes.

Glad you are back blogging again and hope your eyes are not too strained from squinting at your phone!

French Fancy said...

Oh welcome back to the blogosphere Clarity and thank you for the award. As for that clip - I know lots of people have talked about it being very funny but like you I think it is awful.

Barbara said...

Glad you're back, Clarity!
Those clips have been all over the news shows. I really can't imagine anyone laughing at it, but if you say so...I'm appalled.
The girl is a bully and has some real problems if she cannot win without cheating, hitting and tripping. The look on her face while doing it is just plain mean. And I agree, where were the referees when all this was going on? Don't get me going..... said...

I may not have left new comments, but I can tell you I certainly miss you when you disappear.

So, so glad you're back. Soon you're not going to have room for your magnificent writing with all those awards. Which you so richly deserve. (One of my favorite books is "Spunk & Bite" which gives us permission to make a phrase without a verb a sentence, and begin sentences with "and" & "but" -- it's changed my life. Was simply trying to justify that fragment up there. . .)

So glad you're back and it always gives me a lovely frisson when I see you come to visit.

Tishx said...

I'm back. Just looked at the clip. I can't believe it. It's horrible. Why is she allowed to play?

It seems even more shocking for some reason among young women.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh hi there, thought it was a bit quite here!

Congrat's on your awards.

The clip was shocking, I'm sick to death of violence in sport. I really wish the rules were so much stricter.

re comment, will try and find out. It was just listed at Saint Germain which is a person not the piece or player.

Renee said...

Clarity Wahid has heard those things before and laughs. He is the opposite, he does most of the cooking and always has, etc.

We have both always worked outside of the home so he cooked and I cleaned.

Love Renee xoxo

Keith said...

Glad to see you back. Congrats on the awards. Hope you're having a fantastic week. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Take care. Cheers!

Lori ann said...

Clarity, congratulations on your awards, so well deserved, and thank you sweetie for sharing with me. I am truly honored.

I'll go watch the video now, but after reading the comments here, i'm a little wary.

Hopefully you'll get back to the normal rhythm of your days soon... and start knitting too!

Lori ann said...

That was completely appalling. I'm shocked, having never seen this game, this is extreme behavior i'm hoping?
good grief.

Laurel said...

Hi Sweetie- I saw the hairpuller on the news today saying she was misrepresented in clip and that is not like her. Um. Ok.
ANyways- I am also popping over to saY Hi- I love staying in contact with you -it makes me smile.

TheSocialite said...

First: Thanks so much for the award! I'm so honored! :))

Second: I couldn't believe my eyes when I had first seen the images on the news and then I watched the youtube video that showed way more of her outbursts. Why was she still allowed on the field for so many of her antics?! I disapprove of her behavior - the same way I would disprove of a man's brutal behavior at a sports events. I hate seeing courtesy no longer as relevant in our society. Has it always been this way? Or am I finally seeing things as they truly are?

I think this is why I don't like sports. haha People go crazy for their teams. It's insane! Usually the fan's lose their cool, so it was surprising to see a player actually lose their cool on the field! I think she should stayed least for a while, right?!

karen said...

Thanks for the links to your awardees, I shall be sure to go there and add yet more must read blogs to my list!

I can't manage to view the Youtube clip, but it sounds pretty shocking...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for the award, Clarity. Your posts are so thoughtful and well-written, that it has been a pleasure visiting your blog these past months. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say, and thank you again for the award.

Micki said...

So nice to see you back, and how kind of you to give awards to others.

Debra said...

WOW!!! Thank you! I've been away for a few days and just saw where you had given me this thoughtful award. Thanks so much darlin'. You are ever so sweet!

Laurel said...

Hi sweetie- thanks for popping by -miss you !love you!

OceanDreams said...

Hey sweetie, glad you are back! That is horrible what happened on the soccer field, no regard for people! Thanks so much for your advice on my post, ha ha, I wish I could marry the BF but still need the time. It takes him a while to build up the trust! I am sure it will happen eventually though. Have a happy Thanksgiving! :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

So happy to have found your blog through your so kind comment on mine. Thank you! I love what when you wrote, "rather than vilify". It's an important question for us all as to why someone like Lizzie would behave so horribly as she did. My husband & I had a long conversation about just that. Do young people today become so desensitized because of our lack of social interaction? But then again athletes are with their peers on almost a daily basis. Much to think about. Congrat's on your awards!! Your blog is terrific x

VictoriaArt said...

Oh, dear Clarity, just now I found the time to browse through my favorites upon returning home from Berlin and Thanksgiving celebrations and found not only your newest - so relevant - posting on sports ethics and the question why, but also, that you awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you so, it means much to me, coming from you!

All my love!

The Anthology said...

Congratulations on the awards!


Anika said...

Hey gorgeous girl, glad you're back and blogging. I missed your intellectualy and witty posts incredibly. Sooo glad they are back, bring on the simplistic joy experienced at such mastery with words :)

And I think we are in a day and age when the internet makes everday joe blows famous and that in itself is a cause for concern. Should over 1 million people need to see this? What's the effect of viewing this? And what does it say when it comes to defending or being opposed to violent tendencies?

I agree with you, a call for help? Not the best way to influence impressionable youth? Either way, sometimes I miss the good old days...where the internet was a magical place where you just checked your emails.

Have a great one, bella

Laurel said...

I was so happy to see my Darling Clarity popped by. Made my night really! To know I have you out there in this great universe sending me love is just a great thing indeed.
Hope whatever you are working on is filling you up. Missed You.
Love You Sweets.

Laurel said...

Oh ! I was so happy to see you popped by! Thanks for the tip- eye is a bit better but not a lot so this comes in perfect time.
Trust me I'm not so funny at home all the time;).
I miss you a ton- how cool is that to have someone you miss and love and have not met! Yet:)
I hope your project is going really well and you are enjoying the month of December.
Merry Christmas Darling Girl.
I love you.

Renee said...

I know that you are there for me darling and I will never forget it.

Do you know that I am there for you too.

Love Renee xoxox

Nora Johnson said...

Hi Clarity!
Just briefly stopping by with my very best wishes for Xmas and the New Year! Can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you & your terrific posts since my last visit - but hope to see you very soon back at my place where I’ve just posted my latest Christmas Lola Lifeline! All the best & see you again soon!

Renee said...

I just want to wish you a happy holiday season darling.

Love Renee xoxo

Laurel said...

Hi Sweetie Pie- thinking about you and hoping you are having a delightful holiday and wishing you nothing but love and more love in 2010.
Love You-

Renee said...

Happy New Year my darling.

Love Renee xoxo

Heavenly Housewife said...

Daaaaaaaaling... where are you? Come back out of hiding, we miss you!
Happy 2010
*kisses* HH

Hanako66 said...

i couldn't believe it when i saw that horrible and cruel!

French Fancy said...

Hope everything is ok - you've been awfully quiet

French Fancy said...

Hope you are ok