Thursday, 3 July 2008

"Acres of Books", acres of minds

This is a short post about the bulldozing of a huge used book store in Long Beach, far away from me. "Acres of Books" has served the community for so long and it is being removed to make way for a mall / other non-unique development. Used book stores (or secondhand book stores) are delicious, cramped, welcoming and most of all islands of knowledge discovery. The big book sites we know of are primarily for books that made the bestseller cut. Not the independent small books or the gems that are hidden away in shelves, waiting for that reader, that mind.

There is something beautiful about the passing down and sharing of wisdom, knowledge and also whimsy, dreams. Ray Bradbury, writer, has taken it upon himself to champion and support them. His words are succinct and passionate. I know that others have blogged about this so I hope that in some small part, a little more attention can come to this olde shoppe:


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog about Acres of Books and the Fourth of July! I'm always curious about the people who write to me so I followed the link to your site and I'm glad I did. Wow! What a nifty blog!

Do you mind if I reprint the street artist pictures?

Clarity said...

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the compliment. Please feel free to reprint, a mention would be fab too.

I think these artists should get all the attention they can get.