Saturday, 12 July 2008

A Rose Life

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. "

~Lewis Carroll

On a beautiful day not more than 3 months ago I was given wonderful news. This news followed the not so hot news that a) I might have cancer b) the chance of survival for someone in their twenties was "fair" and c) I shouldn't worry.

The beautiful day that came was the "all clear" - negating a) and b).

I also realised that a) and b) were simply wake up calls. Loud, clanging in your face, don't forget to write wake up calls. It didn't teach me much about myself, but it did encourage a 180 back to my original course. Thank God.

If I can share something else that is intensely personal, it reminded me that my mild mannered self is not bad in a crisis. If this could be called that. I don't panic or raise my voice, I don't even cry. Except for a brief moment walking back to the car, when I consider for the first time whom this news might affect; c) I did worry for them.

The world opened up for me when several days after the op, my doctor gave me the wonderful news; a reprieve, for God knows how long this gift will last for any of us.

So, before you finally decide to follow/change your dreams and your journey. Do give another loving hug to those near to you and take time out to look at all sides of the rose.


The Midlife Gals said...

It IS a short trip, this life, isn't it? That's why we as the Midlife Gals like to act up and act out!

Thanks for coming to our blog. Please try the new site as well...there be many more laughs! And, The Ancient One is proud of her moniker, because SHE's the one who taught us to act up and act out.

KK and SalGal

Stephanie said...

You are taking this so well. I'm not sure I could be so calm about news like that. But thank you for the reminder that we need to look at all the sides of the rose, appreciate the time we have, and those that we love.

muralimanohar said...

Wow...what as wake up call, huh? I don't know how I would handle that kind of news...I am pretty sure I would be a blithering, incapacitated idiot for quite awhile.

Good to hear you have had a reprieve, and a chance to make up for lost time. :)

ginkgo said...

I think you have a great courage to face the reality and to keep your head up and your eyes open to what is around you.
I am very touched with what you write .You thanks God and I believe He is with you, near you too to give you his love and courage day by day.
With all my friendship over the "blogs readres"...

trevor said...

And the mome wraths outgrabe.

- trevor.

Deirdre said...

Hey! I'm glad all is ok. I'm at a crossroads and have just stopped, waiting for a sign regarding which path to choose. This post helps, too. Thank you.

Clarity said...

Thank you for your lovely words, all of them. I am touched and hope that sharing helps in some way.

design for mankind. said...

What a beautiful reminder. :)

Brendan said...

What a beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

It's how you look at things! I admire the way you looked at it.
..."for a brief moment walking back to the car".....,That sentence for me felt like an eternity. Beautiful post...and thx for your visit. It made me find you!!