Friday, 10 April 2009


"Be in this life as if you were a stranger or a traveler on a path."

I'm back in town.
An intensely felt blog was written by me last, in the world which is still invisible to those who know me best, this wonderland. I felt relieved, blessed to share it with you, but somehow, something old in me wanted to return to my shell and shy away for a day. A hug is welcome and you can't escape from it, thankfully. But words touch me deeply and I wanted to savour your responses, remember and breathe in private.

Something was happening in England, I felt an alien inertness; it was physical rather than emotional. Like watching your wings laying still on the grass and wondering why that is so?

Two answers arrived, firstly, my laptop expired only days after I thought to myself "Backups, remember" - I did not. Secondly, a gift was presented to me to leave these sleek rainy streets and travel, far away to a land of heat, light and mountains.

Where phones are left on voicemail and email escapes me. I missed coming here, yet am so grateful and caught up with the impact of it, I will share it sooner, God willing. I was so busy recharging my phone, my laptop, my adored appendages - I forgot to recharge myself. And so in my one break - my first in years, I brought only time and hope. It was wonderful.


Honor Woodard said...

Thanks for your comment. I like your writing. Sounds like inertia has been a global problem lately. I hope your mysterious get-away was wonderful. Where are your photographs and paintings?

ginkgo said...

I like the music your words are making when you write : I can see the impact of them deply touching the hesrt and the soul. It is fine to read you .

Clarity said...

Ginkgo, Thank you, I'm touched.

Honor, it was lovely, I would recommend it to everyone. One painting heads my second post on wonderland. Apart from posts about other artists (Julian and the musicians) the other photographs you see on here are all mine, including my header which was a collage of two works.